Peattie Capital Management, LLC, (PCM) is an independent registered investment advisor. We create and manage investment portfolios for wealthy individuals, families, and family offices and foundations on a separate account basis. Our customary new account minimum is $1million.

For individuals who seek the benefits of a one-to-one relationship with a seasoned investment manager, PCM brings you over 30 years of institutional fixed income and hands-on equity management experience.

PCM marries "top-down" macro economic analysis with "bottoms-up" fundamental research to find the right investments for your portfolio.


You don't have to settle for a model-driven asset allocation program

      • In the turbulence of the past decade, how did your asset allocation program perform?
      • Did it protect you in 2000-2003?
      • How about in 2008-2009? Was it an effective strategy then?
      • How will it perform if we have similar volatility in the future?
      • Important Reading: Article in the Financial Times by Anousha Sakoui and Izabella Kaminska
        "Stock picks tough as asset paths correlate" (requires free registration)


We invite you to consider getting a separately managed account offering you the flexibility to respond to a changing environment. We will raise cash, short, and use a variety of instruments to protect your capital. We offer a hedged approach, but without the lockups or performance fees demanded by traditional hedge funds.

At PCM, we believe in hands-on, personal account management — an endangered notion in the prevailing culture of "me-first" megabanks, faceless investment funds, and endless layers of fee-charging sub advisors.

Whether you are new to investing, or a seasoned investment professional, Peattie Capital manages assets for people like you.


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