Articles of Interest


9/2/14 Financial Times, Pauline Skypala
"Ditch the hokum on asset diversification"..I couldnt agree more!

9/17/12 CBS Moneywatch
"Positive surprises could trigger another leg higher for stocks"

7/20/10 Financial Times, Anousha Sakoui and Izabella Kaminska
"Stock picks tough as asset paths correlate"

3/26/11, New York Times, Paul J. Lim
"A Bounce Isnt Enough to Recover From a Bubble"

3/1/11, Financial Times, John Kay
"Dont blame luck when your models misfire"

12/17/10, Financial Times, Aline van Duyn
"Investors must learn how to manage uncertainty"

11/18/10, Forbes Magazine, William Baldwin
"Tax-Smart Energy Investing"

7/25/10, Financial Times, John Authers
"Investors Face A World Of Correlation."

7/24/10, Barron's, Jack Willoughby,
"What Did Investors Learn From 2008's Crash?"

7/20/10, Financial Times, Anousha Sakoui and Izabella Kaminska,
"Stock Picks Tough As Asset Paths Correlate."

5/21/10, Financial Times, John Authers,
"The Fearful Rise Of Markets."

2/23/09, Barron's, Lawrence Straus,
"Knowing When To Hold And When To Fold -The Fatal Flaw In The Government's Stimulus Plan."


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