Frequently Asked Questions


What qualifications do you have to be a Private Wealth Manager?

Why be independent? Why not be part of a larger organization?

How do you feel about Asset Allocation?

Who Benefits From an Asset Allocation Program?

Do you have an investing role model?

What do I do if you are unavailable and I want to speak to someone about my account?

How are you compensated? Are there incentive fees? Lockups?

What if my accounts are held at a different brokerage and I'd like to leave them there?

Why should I entertain a conversation with PCM when I have an account already at Goldman Sachs or Credit Suisse?

What are your sources for investment ideas?

Are portfolios diversified?

Are there industry limits or position limits?

What does a typical client look like?

Why the tag line "Invested in the Individual"

What are your goals for PCM?

How, as a one-man operation, can you grow your business
and still provide the level of service you describe?

How much do you short/hedge?

This sounds like a hedge fund

What is an "income account"?

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